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After a conflict with the Ruby Weapon, a battle with the Sapphire Weapon, and a brawl towards the Emerald Weapon, the Diamond Weapon — stated to use the fight knowledge of the earlier iterations to good the weapon program — has been launched. There’s an issue, although: It’s not manned by its creator or a totally obedient and silly pilot. Allie has already activated the warmachina’s oversoul performance, sending the machine crashing by means of the Castrum hanger and into the normal airspace. Now’s the time to put an finish to the machine and nip the empire’s expansion-long science experiment in the bud.

The traditional mode issue of Diamond Weapon isn’t a very difficult combat, however it does alter some in any other case well-known mechanics in methods that may journey up much less skilled gamers. When you’re accident-prone and don’t need to danger wiping a bunch of random gamers, learn on to discover out all the important Diamond Weapon methods.

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FFXIV Diamond Weapon Regular Mode Technique

Transfer set

Armored (Part One)

  • Diamond Rain: Offers heavy space harm to the entire staff.
  • Photon Burst: Targets each tanks with a big space assault.
  • Adamant Purge: Offers a distinct space harm assault relying on which knowledge (Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire) is proclaimed earlier than use.

Unlocked (Part Two)

  • Auri Cyclone: Strikes both aspect of the area, knocking the occasion again significantly.
  • Auri Arts: Carves a path for Diamond Weapon to sprint alongside, which is significantly extra advanced when Magitek Subject surrounds the area.
  • Auri Doomstead: Offers heavy harm to the tank.
  • Outrage: Offers gentle space harm to the entire staff.
  • Vertical Cleave: Strikes the final remaining area aspect from the middle lengthy aspect, knocking the occasion again.

Armored (Part Three)

  • Diamond Shrapnel: Targets two occasion members with monitoring strikes that resolve with a bigger space assault.
  • Articulated Bits: Generates small claws on one-half of each area sides that assault useless forward. That is often paired with Adamant Purge (Ruby).

Diamond Weapon: Part One

Diamond Weapon tank position

The very first thing to word is that Diamond Weapon assaults each tanks concurrently with linear beams of sunshine, making it important that they stand to the head or tail of the boss whereas the remainder of the staff stays on its flank.

Proper out of the gate, Diamond Weapon does what most bosses of the Shadowbringers enlargement does — show its party-wide harm transfer. Diamond Rain will strike the staff for round 80% of the common participant’s HP. You’ll have loads of time to heal up after this primary blow, however fail to preserve topped up later in the combat and a Diamond Rain can come alongside to end you off.

Shortly after this primary assault, Cid will name up a second deck on the reverse aspect of the Diamond Weapon, signaling the combat’s fundamental mechanic. Diamond Weapon sometimes cleaves both aspect of the area with Adamant Purge, making it essential to use the teleporters beside the enemy to leap between both aspect of the bigger area to keep away from being hit. The aspect this hits is signaled by which of the boss’ arms glow with pink claws, so that you need to leap to the reverse aspect.

Diamond Weapon Adamant Purge claws

After a sneaky use of Diamond Rain, Photon Burst will goal every tank, which they need to take as removed from the staff as doable to decrease the probabilities of broken occasion members being completed off. Adamant Purge will quickly come out once more, this time channeling Sapphire Weapon to blast a single occasion member with a strong straight-firing laser that the entire staff ought to group up to share.

Diamond Weapon: Part Two

Diamond Weapon auri cyclone

Quickly sufficient, Diamond Weapon will shed its armor, changing into an Ifrit reskin for a time. At this second, it casts Auri Cyclone: A ability that may shortly make the entire combat go south. It slams two huge blue circles on the area, beginning with whichever it’s dealing with first. Hug the circle closest and towards the longer aspect of your chosen platform to keep away from being despatched hurtling off the area. It’ll finish by knocking one aspect of the area down into the clouds, so ensure to teleport over to the different earlier than it’s destroyed. Healers will need to high the staff up earlier than Outrage is solid to deal a ultimate blow.

Issues solely get extra difficult from right here on out. After littering the air area with a magitek subject, Auri Arts is solid. The zig-zagging path of Diamond Weapon’s incoming dash will briefly seem underfoot. Determine a secure zone and get in shut. As soon as it settles down, count on the tank to take a big hit from Auri Doomstead.

FFXIV Diamond Weapon Auri Arts

For a short while now, Diamond Weapon will use the identical few assaults repeatedly. If Auri Arts is solid with out the magitek subject, count on an easier sprint and slam combo than earlier than. As Verticle Cleave goes out, hug the enemy as shut to the knockback markers as you may or use a ability like Surecast to negate it. There isn’t a lot room for error right here.

Diamond Weapon: Part Three

Earlier than lengthy, Diamond Weapon dangers overheating and will get again into its unique armor, biking the combat again to the first kind. There are a couple of new tips right here, however nothing to be too involved about. Now that the fundamental mechanics, it’s only a case of searching for the tells and dodging incoming harm.

Diamond Shrapnel is an easy case of repeated strikes following two occasion members that ends with a bigger bang that targets ought to place into the corners of the area, whereas Articulated Bits units up straight-firing miniature claws on one half of every area which are simply averted. Adamant Purge claws may be woven into this final one, so concentrate to the enemy’s arms to discern which aspect of the area is really secure.

With that barrage over with, Adamant Sphere arrives after a comparatively tame Photon Burst, scattering 4 iconic meteor markers on each side of the area for the DPS to break up up and soak. Issues look to repeat after that, however Emerald Weapon knowledge might kick in to dispense assault markers above each participant that needs to be rigorously separated to keep away from heavy harm. That being stated, it’s the ultimate really new assault. The combat roughly weaves and repeats till you knock Diamond Weapon out of the sky for good.

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